Dr. Adrian Low

" Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about
Dr. Adrian as the trainer of these sessions"
~Axel Zheng, Client of Dr.A

Scientific Assessments

From interventions to individual to industrial-organisation, Dr. Adrian and team uses scientific biofeedback devices to evaluate whether a specific intervention is effective.

Stress Measurements

As a workplace stress authority, Dr. Adrian and team can help you and your staff to transform detrimental stress to beneficial stress.

Relational Issues

According to Dr. Adrian's research, he found that Relational Tension is one of the most dangerous forms of stress. Again, initial assessment is an important stage to determine the most appropriate targeted intervention to tackle this.


Dr. Adrian is hot property. He has conducted workshops in various Big Corporations such as AIA, Chubb, Education University, HSBC, HKICPA, HKU Space, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, International Christian Assembly, Lions Club, HR MasterClass, Maryknoll Convent School, NextMedia, PwC, Protiviti & Robert Half, Prudential,  Rotary Club, Hong Kong Society of Counselling and Psychology, Usana, YMCA, etc...

Attention Treatment

Dr. Adrian and team adopts a scientific and safe way (least toxic method) to help the client to train attention deficit behaviors. We provide a cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind ADD approach.

Performance & Results

Whether you are a sportsman or someone just wanting to boost your confidence, Dr. Adrian and team offers a scientific approach to help you to achieve the Alpha Mind. Dr. Adrian has been working with Professional Sports persons to thrive in their competitions.
So can you...

The things we do scientifically

"It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Dr. Adrian"
~ Jennifer (Client of Dr. A)
He'll make things happen.

Award-winning Stress Researcher

Being the first Chinese Psychologist to conduct biofeedback stress research in a Big Corporation using objective assessments instead of old school's pen filling ones. Dr. Adrian has raised the standards in stress research academically and practically.


Dr. Adrian is hot property and he has helped thousands of clients and students alleviate from stress and psychological issues.

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We have a team of medical professionals, chartered scientists and psychologists to serve you


Dr. Adrian and Team are one of the best in the psychological industry

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"Dr. Adrian has a wealth of knowledge on mindfulness and mental health. He would be an asset to any client and company. I look forward to reading his books!"

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Dr. Erika Soto, PsyD